June 23rd, 2008


Prior’s @High Street is the locals’ pub in Ballinamore.

Whether for a quiet mid week drink, a committee meeting in the back bar or a high energy lively week-end event, Prior’s is the place to be.

It is the place to be at Christmas, or Easter, or St Patrick’s Day or during the Annual Festival. In fact almost any week-end there is some event or another, birthdays, celebrations, family get-togethers. The pub has an appeal right across the age range through the whole community, drinkers and non-drinkers alike.

The atmosphere and the feeling of well-being have to be seen to be believed. The crowd can overflow out onto the street or onto the veranda area out the back that was designed for smokers.

It will always only take a minute to be served but it can take an hour to get to the toilets because there are so many people to talk to.

There is never an incident, scarcely ever a cross word. The place is self-policing.  Customers do not want the peacefulness and enjoyment of their local spoiled by unbecoming behaviour.

For many Prior’s is like an extension of their own homes, where they talk, meeting their friends and relax in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

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